Pixie har valpat

Pixie fick 6 tikar o 1 han valp den 3e juni. 


Annika som har Pixie gjorde ett fint jobb som barnmorska. 

Pixie är ju halvsyster till Myllindavey Davey o vi tävlade henne under en nursery säsong här. 

Stolt fader till valparna är Monika Larssons Kemi Craig, som oxå kommer från oss. 


Moss had his first maiting, he was very happy.
It was Michael Watts nice bitch, Lyn.
Moss got a lot of good experience from the lambing and he’s going better all the time.
He had a very good morning run at Kinross SDT. Ended up on forth place.
He’s handler haven’t wook up at that time in the morning and misjudged the line on the cross drive.
Next weekend we are going to Druinie double lift trial, two very big outruns on a hill, that will be a very good test for Moss.

Balintore nursery trial.

Alan wilkies nursery trial with very nice cross hoggs.
The fog caused some problem.


Judge K Brehmer
1.P.Martin/Mo 95
2.A.Carnegie/Rook 88
3.M.Magnusson/Rob 85
4.I.Brownlie/Hutch 85
5.M.Watt/Craig 80
6.L.Magnusson/Kiz 80
7.J.Hastie/Pudsey 73
8.L.Magnusson/Sal 61
9.J.Menzies/Jess 55
10.A.Sim/Bree 46

The winner P Martin

The Team after 3 trials.
P Martin/Mo 27
L Magnusson/Kiz 24,5
A Carnegie/Rook 22
M Magnusson/Rob 21,5
L Magnusson/Sal 17
Reserv I Brownlie/Hutch 15,5

Novice winner today.
Caroline Joelsson with Patch.

Novice winner Caroline Joelsson and Alan Wilkie.

a lot

The lambing is over and we can finally go back to training dogs.
The lambing have been great because of good weather.
All the pups after Kate-Jim, Net-Davey have gone to their new home, we still have 2 from each litter her on the farm.
Last Friday come the next litter, Sal (Net-Davey) had 6 pups, 3 bitches and 3 dogs. Bobby Dalziels Spot is the father.


Today we marked all the singels, with help from Håkan Wilson, who is here for a week.


Next sunday I go to Sweden again for 4 days of clinics, as normal I´m going to Lasse and Barbro Swanberg.