More Puppies

Kate got 5 pups with Ricky Hutchingtons famous Sweep, Sweep was runner up at Supreme 2015, third at World Trial 2014, English Brace Champion 2015, English National Champion.

I really like Sweep, hes tremendous to se in the shedding ring

It is 5 pups, three dog pups and two bitch pups.



Sorry, but al pups are sold.


Pups by CMMs Net and Ricky Hutchingtons Jock.

3 Females and 5 dog pups.

Nets pups (Jim daughter and Lottas open bitch, before she hurt her eye) with Ricky Huthingtons Jock (English Brace champion 2015 and running at International 2015) a son of Rikys famous Sweep (runner up in the Supreme 2015, third at World trial 2014, English Brace Champion 2015).
I really like Jock, he have the same talent in the shed as his father, very good to hold sheep.

Jocks mother is Ian Brownlies Mo ( Supreme Champion ), she have the same breeding behind her as my Jim, she by McVicar Spot( Supreme Champion ), Spots father is Garry, Garry is also my Jims father. Very interesting !!!