Longt time a go!!!!
Some news

Kate (mated with Llanfarian Jim) got 7 pups last night, 4 male pups and 3 bitch pups.
All went well and all of them is looking fine.


All bitch pups are booked, it still is 2 dog pups awaible, so phone us if you are interested.
Some of the pups will go to Sweden, so transport can easily be arranged.


Now we are waiting for Nets pups (mated with Myllin Davey), the are expected in 2 weeks time.

We have a lot of rain at the moment, the wettest January ever in UK.
But we try to train our young dogs between the showers.

Some of them will be for sale very soon.
Kyle (P Martins Jill-McNallys Moss) only 14 month, are ready to go soon (film will come soon) he have good outruns, taking commands very well, start shedding nice, he is on both on vocal and whistle commands. He can do a nursery course now.


Take Care