More pics.

More pictures on young dogs in training just now.

Kyle (MacNallys Moss-P.Martins Jill)
Nice young dog, 14 month old, real fun to train just now.

Jed (Myllin Davey-A.Fyhrs Sue)
Jed is 15 month, really sharp dog.

More pictures in our gallery at the web site.

Another mating!!

Lottas Open bitch Net (Llanfarian Jim-Star) is mated with Myllin Davey.


Net (Llanfarian Jim-Star)


Myllin Davey.

We are waiting for pups in the middle of Feb.

We have done this comb before and have two really nice ones at home.

Rob,very good out runner, handling the sheep very well, will be one of my nursery dogs next year.

Sal, Lottas bitch, very stylish, plenty of power and a very good felling for sheep.


Sal (CMMs Net-Myllin Davey)