Isle of Man

Back from Isle of Man, It was a very nice trip and we are so happy about our dogs.
Davey wonn the Final and Jim was nr 6.
Net and Kate was a little unlucky and didn’t rech the final, some of the best handlers in the world was there, so it wasen’t easy to come to the final eather.
The outrun was very tricky, over a ditch, out on another field, you couldn’t see the dogs there, and they couldn’t see the sheep, so you had to trust them that they was right.
All our four dogs run out without any extra commands, which the most of the dogs needed.


Happy man and happy dog.



Second Day.

Another very nice day at Isle of Man.

Tha eight in from today.

Kevin Evans
Paul Tomkins
Alistar Lyttle
Joch Welsh
Shirley Cropper
Jim Cropper
Nigel Watkins

Five handler have two dogs in.
Alistar Lyttle
Nigel Watkins
Kevin Evans
Joch Welsh

First day.

The first day is over.
The eight best going for the final on sunday.

Nigel Watkins
Kevin Evans
Alistar Lytle
Joch Welsh
Aled Owen
Richard Crowe
Tom Lawrenson.

Net get some running shep, they was not easy to handle.
Tomorrow it’s Kate and Davey day, hope they are doing well.

During the time we enyoe the view from our B&B.


We can see the hole Isle of Man from here, very nice.

Isle of Man 2

Waiting for the ferry to Isle of Man.
A two days qualifying and a double fetch final on sunday.
Should be really nice.


One of our Easycare ewes with two nice hogg lamb.
That’s the way we want them, the lambs have start shedding themeself and a good size on theme aswell.

Isle of Man

We are going to the Isle of Man next Thursday.
It’s a three days trial, two qvaul days and a doubble fetch final on Sunday
Should be really nice to see Isle of Man and also nice to see all the dogs and handlers from everywhere.


Waiting for sending Jim for a run.

Davey shedding.

Davey is shedding at the Airtnoch SDT.
Davey had a good run there and ended up in first place.