Transport to Sweden.

Alex is going to Sweden, via Amsterdam, Germany and Denmark – heading to Stockholm.
Still has room in the car for either pups or trained dogs.
This means that skippingcoast will be lower than usual.

We have several young started dogs for sale at the moment.
Look at our for sale site. But not all our dogs is showed on the web site, please contact us if yo looking for something special.

For example.
Fellgate Joe born 16 may 2011.

Joe is a young very easy handle dog.
Can do an open course and have a very good sheepsense.

Some other young dogs.

Blu dob 28 April 2011
M.Gallaghers Cap
C.McCloskey Maggie

Blu is a young very promesing dog, he’s develop very much in training just now.
Very easy to handle and very good feeling for the shep.
Nice flanks and good outruns, the shep seams to like him.
He will be a very good trial dog.
We have only had Blu here for a month, but can very soon do an open course.


Ross dob 20 nov 2009
JR Thomas Cap
J Hunt Peg
Ross is use to work and is doing that really well, he do what you tell him.
What we do now is to put in a little bit of polising on him.
He handle the shep well and he will be perfect for someone who will start trialing and at the same time have a good workdog.



Dogs in training.

My plan is to write a little about young dogs in training in the next couple of days.You can read about our 4 nursey dogs for this year under “our dogs”.

I start with a young dog “Moss”, he´s 14 mounth and by K.Evans Flock.

He start to develop really well, very nice with the sheep, no grip, never any bad moves in to the sheep. He start to take his commands well.

Moss can now do outruns on 100 m, takes his commands out of balance well, start to drive really well.

My plan with Moss is to continue his training atleast over the winter and then see if it´s time to sell him or keep him for futher training.

Another promising dog is Ben.
He´s born in feb 2011, so he´s just now 21 mounth.

Ben is by G Jones Roy and A LI Jones Non.
Both parents goes back to B Dalziels Jim, thats a dog I like to have in a dogs pedigree, Jim is also the grandfather to my Jim.
Ben is a very fast dog, very nice flanks and a very good forward gear.
He´s a great outrunner and can do an Open course.

Because he´s so fast, he can still take the wrong flank commands now and then, but 80% is there. He´s a nice shedder, but still he will lookback on the other flock if I drive the first flock away 50-100 m.
He is soon ready to sell, but he need a fast and good handler.
So it will come a video on him on dogs for sale shortly.


The cows and calfs went home for their winter home at Ethie Mains.


We need the Grass for the ewes, so it was nice to get them away. They come back next spring for the grazzing


We gather the hill and get 400 ewes down. Good work from all dogs and folks.

Clinic Sweden.

Då är det dax för en ny clinic hos swanbergs i Linköping.
Stannar tills på fredag kväll, hoppas hinna med besök hos barn o föräldrar. Blir trevligt. Ska oxå bli kul att se hur kursarna har utvecklats, räknar med att dom tränat hårt.
Första nursery tävl är på lördag morgon, med hundar som inte sett husse på en vecka, blir spännande!!!
Det blir Nell o Tim jag kör på 1a. Lotta kommer att köra Kate o Maid.